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Home is where the heart is, and Keeley are here to help you create a beautiful living environment for you and your family. Everyone loves to invest in their home. A professional painter and decorator can you achieve that incredible wow factor, that you can take pride in every time you have friends and family over.

Keely offers a wide range of painting and doctoring services for homes In Northampton. Every job is treated with the same laser focus on quality we built our reputation on since our beginnings. We take pride in everything we do, no matter the size of the job.

We understand that having contractors in your home can often be disruptive and unsettling. That’s why we always strive to be consummate professionals. We always aim to minimise disruption, making sure your work is completed in an orderly fashion. Then finally, making sure we leave your home sparkling clean and dispose of all materials.

Below you will find an outline of our domestic painting decorating services. Remember, we offer a no-obligation free quote.

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Domestic Work

Here are some recent example of painting & decorating project for clients.

Interior Decorator – Single Room To The Whole House

There is nowhere more vital than the interior of a house to get a professional paint or decoration job. The right paint applied by the best professional can elevate your home beyond something you never thought was possible. Conversely, a cheap or rushed paintwork can dull a living environment, or worse, can annoy you for years as you notice mistakes or scruffy parts.

Keeley can handle a full house refurbishment, to single room redecorations, and help you create your dream home.

Preparation is vital, and something an area many cheaper services use to cut corners. A few extra hours can make a significant difference to the finished paintwork. With our years of experience, we’ll be able to judge the best course of action for every single wall within your house. Not only the prep work but the number of coats we think it will take to get perfect the finish perfect for you.

Struggling to decide and unsure about your interior design direction? We can help consult you on the best colours and styles for your house, helping you achieve your vision. We have hundreds of colours charts, and by having actual experience with most of them, can help you choose the perfect colour and finish.

We also offer sanding and painting of paint interior woodwork, like doors, door frame, windows, and skirting boards.


When hanging wallpaper in your home, there is a fine line between creating a stunning visual effect for your room and creating a complete mess. That’s why it always pays to hire a professional.

Keely offers wallpapering services, from feature walls, whole room hanging to elaborate wallpaper murals.

Leverage our experience ensures your walls are prepared properly, and the right pasting and hanging adhesive used. Not all wallpaper is made equal. We can also consult with you on the best manufacturers and brands to source your paper from.

This extra dedication to detail will ensure you get a fantastic and durable result that will hang proudly on your walls for years.

Exterior House Painting

Exterior painting is perfect for transforming your home or giving it a fresh new life. Is also vital to help protect it from damage from the elements.

Keely covers all aspects of exterior painting, from brickwork, stonework, concrete, rendering and windows.

We have the experience to make the right call on the materials, as every exterior job is different. Depending on the aspect of your property and its local environment, we choose the perfect preparation products for your home. This knowledge is vital for ensuring your new paintwork looks fantastic and protects your property for as long as possible.

Spraying – Interior & Exterior

One of the most significant advances in the painting and decorating industry in recent times is the development of paint spraying machines.

Although the technology has been around for many years, it was never quite at the right standard and reliability for professional painters.

However, recent developments in equipment technology now mean that it can rival a traditional brush and roller, and in some situations, better them.

In certain circumstances, it provides a quicker and more consistent finish than traditional methods.

Keeley are lucky enough to have this equipment on deck, and ready to utilise on the right jobs.

Hand Painting Kitchens

Having bespoke units made for your new kitchen? Keeley have many years of experience of hand painting bespoke kitchens to an unrivalled standard.

We appreciate that if you’re investing in the kind of dream kitchen that will last a generation, you want the paintwork to be of an incredibly high standard and finish.

Are you looking to refresh your existing kitchen units? Hand painting tired units can bring an old kitchen back to life at a fraction of the cost of installing a new one. Remember, we offer a no-obligation free quote and consultancy if you would like us to discuss some options for your existing kitchen.

Having painted many specialist kitchen installs, we can be on hand to recommend the perfect paint for your wood or units.

Dustless Sanding

When preparing woodwork for painting by sanding, the dust can be one of the hardest things to control in a home. It can be challenging to manage, and you don’t want other parts of your home ruined or disturbed.

Likewise, excessive dust can settle on other surfaces, which can also lower the quality of new paintwork applied to the same room.

Luckily, Keeley can offer dustless sanding for skirting boards, doors and door frames. We both own and are experienced in using advanced dustless sanding equipment.

If you need your woodwork sanded and painted, this is a great solution to keep the rest of your home spotless and the finish amazing.

Extension Decorating

If you’re investing money in extending your home, the final piece of the puzzle can be the right paint job and decoration.

Completing all the hard work and upheavals with a professional paint job is key to realising the vision for your home. You also need someone you can trust to deliver with the same passion you’ve put into your home over those challenges months.

Keeley are on hand to ready to apply the first piece of paint to your fresh plaster or render and maximise the potential of your new space.

We can handle both the new interior and exterior paintwork of your new extension. Outside, we can apply the right materials and care to keep it looking brand new for years.

Internally, we can use paint and techniques that help make the most of your new space, including complimenting natural lighting and how you plan to furnish it.

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